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Safety Sensors & Accessories

PDQ carries a selection of high performing sensors and accessories for commercial and residential garage doors. PDQ Door can custom design a traffic control system to increase safety and productivity.

Safety Sensor & Accessory Case Studies

1. A manufacturing plant was experiencing traffic flow problems with forklifts entering a blind intersection from two directions at once. PDQ installed Stop/Go lights tied to motion sensors so that a red light would stop traffic if a forklift was coming from the other direction.


2. To increase customer satisfaction and energy efficiency, PDQ installed ground loop detectors outside the service writer’s bay doors at an auto dealership so that the doors would open automatically when a customer approached. Another loop detector was responsible for closing the door once the car was inside. That loop also stopped the door from opening if a vehicle was already inside the bay.


3. PDQ installed 4′ tall safety eye systems at a fire department to help prevent their garage doors from closing onto their equipment. We also installed Stop/Go lights that would stay red until the door was in the fully open position so that the driver knew they couldn’t leave the firehouse until they had a green light.


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