My door won’t come down unless I press and hold the wall button (or starts to come down and reverses part way). It won’t work using my remote. What could be causing this?

This could be caused by a few different things, but the most common is that there is something blocking the safety eyes. Safety eyes sit on the tracks (one on each side) and face each other. If there is something blocking the safety eyes, the door will not come down unless you press and hold the wall button (overriding the safety feature by using constant pressure to the wall station). First, check to see if something is blocking the eyes or if they are dirty. In Maine, it is common to find a shovel placed in the way or even snow covering the lens of the safety eye. If there is nothing in the way, check to see if both eyes are lit. If not, you may have a broken wire or lack of power to one of the eyes. Other less common reasons for your door to reverse or not come down using the remote may be a safety eye or logic board gone bad. We stock a few types of safety eyes and several logic boards. Call us at 1-800-734-1401 to set up a service call at if you aren’t able to resolve the issue using our helpful hints.