Frequently Asked Questions

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How often do my doors need to be serviced?

What is R-Value?

My door is making a lot of noise. What should I be looking for?

I heard a loud bang in the garage but don’t see anything wrong. Now my door seems very heavy. What should I be looking for?

My garage door opener runs but isn’t lifting the door. What could be the problem?

What color options are available for new garage doors?

Are custom garage doors available?

What is the standard size for a residential garage door?

I have damage to one section of my door. Can I replace a section of my door or do I need to replace the whole door?

How much does a new garage door cost?

My door won’t come down unless I press and hold the wall button (or starts to come down and reverses part way). It won’t work using my remote. What could be causing this?

My remote isn’t working. What could be the cause?

How do I program my garage door remote?

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